After all the champagne is gone and band plays the last song, you have two things to hold onto after your wedding day: your spouse and your wedding photos! I truly enjoy pouring my heart into my clients wedding day, extravagant or simple, they are all special. 

On your wedding day you may even catch me wiping away tears during those special and intimate moments, right there on the dance floor getting down to the "nae-nae" or attempting to do the "floss"

I'm a native of Fairfield County currently residing in Greenwich with my little family- my husband and two daughters, Blake & Scarlett. Becoming a mother has taught me to slow down and enjoy even the simplest of moments. I would love to help you enjoy yours as well!

I am 100% in your corner to make you look and feel your best through this process!


Let's get the party started!


Hello. I'm Allie.


about allie


about allie

Favorite getaway:
Palm beach

about allie

The day of your wedding is one of the best stories ever told. It all folds into the amazing pages of your life. Our goal is for you to look back on your pictures twenty years from now and say "yes, that was us...and still is."

Sessions will conclude with stylish yet relatable imagery- you'll find them framed and sitting on your mantle for years to come. 

photography is the lens to documenting your history

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